About College

Shri Shivaji Science & Arts College, Chikhli.

Over the years, the college has set commendable tradition of initiative and imagination and has grown in to an institution of significant stature in the educational scene. The diverse academic activities of the college all imbued with a sound value system are focused on a balancing knowledge assimilation and skill acquisition. The college has succeeded in instilling a definite confidence in the society at large about the quality of education it offers.

The college is established in 1967 to serve ever growing educational needs of the society. Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh and Dalitmitra Pandharinath Patil come together under the banner of Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati. Adv. R. D. Bhonde ‘Sarkar’ and Dalitmitra Santoshrao Patil along with other socio-political leader helped a lot to establish this institution. The farmers also contributed in this holy and sacred tasks. The students of this institution with their exemplary discipline, serious academic extra curricular and co-curricular activities persuits and excellent support with their teachers have quality to make this institution a name reckon within the academic and other fields.

The institute has practiced a policy of self renewal all along and when the time comes to reinvent itself in the context of changing scenario. It has upgraded itself with the introduction of Arts Faculty at UG level in 1971, Commerce at UG level in 1989 and PG in Commerce in 2009, PG in Science and Arts in 2010. English medium UG commerce has started in 2011. Also added research degrees program like M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Science and Commerce. YCMOU centre is also established in 2012. Also new subjects like Music, Home Economics and Bioinformatics are added at degree level. At Junior level fresh water fish and music are added.

UGC Sponsored career Oriented Program like, Biotechnology, finance Management and Aquaculture. Communication skills in English, Instrumentation and fashion Designing also opened to develop skills at 3 tier level. Human Right Education and Duties Course have been started for holistic development. Still the feeling of incompleteness was persisting in the noble minds of the institution makers and the next generation care takers like Adv. Arunkumar Shelke and other executive members of the society. Hence continuous improvement, expansion and growth are passing on since 1967 to achieve all round development and excellence. The discipline and dedication of management, teaching and Non-teaching staff and co-operation and help of local peoples have played instrumental role in bringing the institution to it’s present status and structure.

With the values, transparency, honesty and integrity the college premises to be one of the most exemplary institutions in the region.

And we know miles to go… miles to go…. miles to go.