Department Of Economics



College Library:-

  • There are 1345 books and 5 journals in college library.

  • Student and teachers, refer the books, journals and reference materials.

  • Adequate number of computers are available in the college library.

  • Internet facility in the college library for teacher and student.

B ) Internet Facilities for staff & students:

Internet facility is provided for the benefit of students and staff members in the central library as well as in the computer science department. Teaching staff can use the internet facility to access the information related to subject and research work. Students can use internet to avail the information related to study material, experiments, seminars, science exhibition, competitive examinations etc.

C ) Class rooms with ICT facilities

Shri Shivaji Education Society Amravati our parent organization play his parent role each and every time. In the COVID -19 pandemic period Society provide LMS for teaching and learning also this system use for safety of teachers and students. We use ICT facilities in teaching and learning in the department. The department has One computer. The staff members in the department uses advanced equipments such as OHP and LCD projector wherever possible. OHP and LCD projector are used in guest lecturers, student seminars and to explain difficult topics related to subject. Also we used YouTube, WhatsApp, Zoom Apps, Google Classroom, Google form etc.