About Department

"Healthy Body, Alert Mind & Positive Attitude"

          The Department of Physical Education & Sports (Year of Establishment – 1967), Shri Shivaji Science and Arts College, Chikhli Dist. Buldana (M.S.) is well known all over the University in the field of Games and Sports. The college has Junior and Senior sections of the Physical Education and Sports Department. It is the foundation for lifelong fitness and high performance in competitive sports.

          The students of the college are encouraged to participate in the different levels of games and sports like Cricket, Ballbadminton, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Athletics, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Wrestling, Table Tennis, Chess, Fencing, etc. selected students will get a chance to play in University, State & National Level matches as a representative of the college. The Physical Education teachers graduating from the Department will be fully equipped to be employed as Physical Directors in colleges and also as Sports Managers and Sports Officers in public and private sector/institutions.

          The Department also possesses "Tanhaji Gym" with modern gym facilities.The department shows corpus work in the field of extension services particularly in Health, fitness, and physical activities. Student counseling to society is remarkable. Students and faculty took an active part in various curricular and academic development programs at University, State, and National levels. Department has a good linkage with various Colleges /institutions of University reputes.

Future plan of the department

  • Construction of well-equipped with advanced facilities Gymkhana for physical fitness, recreation, and performance development in weight lifting, bodybuilding, power lifting, and other sports.
  • Gymkhana can be made available to the community to extend community services.
  • Availability of playground for different games and sports to the institutional students.
  • Availability of gymkhana, playground, and other sports structures to non-institutional youth to improve their physical fitness to high standards, so as to make enable them for recruitment in the military, paramilitary, police, and other forces.
  • Organization of inter-institutional, university, and state-level sports and games competitions and events.
  • Academic improvement of faculty (Ph. D. Research).
  • Academic migration of students.
  • Organization of seminars and workshops.
  • Organization of “Yoga and “Art of Living” classes for faculty and students.